American Beverage Institute Mocks Utah Over .05 DUI Law

The American Beverage Institute took a jab at Utah in these newspaper articles.

Credit: American Beverage Institute

Salt Lake City, Utah- After Utah lowered the Utah legal driving limit from .08 to .05, the internet has lost their minds. Articles, internet memes and jokes are flying around the interweb, like they are going out of style. Many Utahns are blaming the Mormon Churche’s influence on local law.

Let The Memes Begin!!!

Living in Utah sometimes feels like jumping in a time machine and ended up in 1955. Perhaps, even slipping back to the dark ages. Gary Herbert probably should just veto this .05 DUI bill now. This is the sort of thing that hurts Utah tourism and makes our great state lose millions.

Satire Blogs Are Even Jumping In.Sad thing is, half of this article is true.

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