Mormon Missionary Vs. Brazilian Gunmen

MANAUS, Brazil, March 15, 2017- A Brazilian gunmen made the mistake of trying to rob a Mormon missionary.

Life sometimes teaches you valuable lessons. This Brazilian learned the hard way not to underestimate your opponent. He probably figured a missionary was an easy target, expecting him to be weak and easy prey. Instead this Mormon Missionary decided not to turn the other cheek and opened up a can of Whoop-A, Mormon stlye. He totally disarmed the man and kicked his fetchin’ arse! Sending the wanna be street thug running home to mommy with his brazil nuts tucked between his legs.

Maybe, this guy should pick a different career, the street life is definitely not for him. Brazilian bikini waxes are popular this time of the year. Perhaps, he should stop trying to rob people and enroll in beauty school.

Hats off to Mormon Missionary. You, sir are a legend! Thug Life to the core! UtahMemes.Com will never think of you being anything less than hardcore and your memes will alway be made with the highest honor. Way to go, Elder Whoop Arse! 😜