‘The Book of Mormon’ Meets ‘South Park’ in This Amazing Video Mashup!

It is well known that the creators of the cartoon ‘South Park’ are also behind the multiple award-winning highly acclaimed musical, ‘Book of Mormon.’ It was just a matter of time before the internet got ahold of it and made a mashup. YouTuber Simon Chong did that very thing and the video does not disappoint.

The talented animator/youtuber’Simon Chong‘ released his animated video and it became an instant internet sensation. He combined elements of South Park along with the Book of Mormon The Musical opening number “Hello.” I was convinced after watching, that Trey and Matt had launched some sort of promotional material for the musical. I was also wondering if I missed an episode or something. I was wrong on both accounts. South Park should hire this guy. He could make amazing contributions to the show.

For reference.

South Park

The Book Of Mormon

Well done, Simon. You had me convinced this was made be the creators of South Park 😜