Utah Senate Roster: 2018 Contact List

Brad Daw Peeing On The Utah Constitution

Rep Brad Daw with stop at nothing to destroy the Utah Medical Cannabis Ballot Iniative. He has no promlem trampling the will of the people. We must put a stop to his shenanigans. HB 471 would alter the Utah Constitution and make ballot iniatives amenable.

This is an attack on The Utah Constitution!!!


  1. HB 195 & HB 197 are crappy Trojan horse cannabis bills with limited patient access. Please read these bills, then contact your reps and senators and tell them you oppose all three.

I made a list an organized pdf spreadsheet so you can quickly and conveniently contact your Utah senators. This pdf is interactive and you can click the phone and Email links. Feel free to download it and pass it on. I will make a rep list soon.