Utah Haircuts – Creepy Local Commercial

Check out this super creepy local commercial!

Utah is no stranger to freaky hair. The Utah Poof or The Utah Bump.

The Utah Poof in all it’s glory

This cut even has an emo variant

Utah Emo Hair Bump

And a country girl version.

Redneck Utah Hair Bump

It’s spreading!

This strange hairdo is typically geographically isolated, confined to Utah and Idaho, but it’s rapidly spreading and mutating!

Somehow the Long Island Medium got hip to the hairstyle, and bumped it up. Not sure how that happened? Maybe, she has evil spirits clinging to her and they want to spread their bad ju ju?

Long Island Medium Rockin’ Utah Hair

And it found it’s way to The Jersey Shore. Snooki Bumped it.

Snooki Took The Utah Hair Bump To Jersey

Kate Gosselin from Jon and Kate plus 8 has the perfect Utah Hair, in Pennsylvania.

Kate found a Utah stylist in Pennsylvania


There is even a product called bumpit.


Utah hair has potential to be an epidemic, let’s just hope that does not happen.

The Ogden, Utah Area Hair Bump

Was bumping it inspired by polygamist? 😜

Polygamy Hair Bump